Jamnabai Narsee Parent Teacher Association

"Intelligence plus character-that is the real goal of education" Martin Luther King

A true union of intellect and character within an individual student is possible only with the collaborative efforts of the teaching fraternity and the parent community. Jamnabai Narsee Parent Teacher Association (JNPTA) is an excellent platform where the two communities- parents and educators- come together socially in support of the school, working productively towards the common goal of enriching the teaching-learning experiences of every student in school.

With a committee that consists of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Joint Secretaries, Finance Advisors, teachers and parents were elected on August 10, 2017 at the Annual General Meeting. JNPTA is a partnership between parents and educators who strive to enhance student learning and enrich their lives within school. It is a community which helps create a stimulating and positive school environment for the students.

On August 10, 2017 the JNPTA committee for the academic year 2017-18 was elected.



JNPTA Managing Committee 2017-18


Chairperson: Ms. Jasmine Madhani - Head of School (JNIS)

Vice-Chairperson: Dr. Mitula Raveshia

Teacher Secretary: Ms. Sarita Singh

Jt. Secretary: Ms. Disha Khanna

Jt. Secretary: Ms. Radhika Shah

Ex-Officio: Ms. Zeenat Bhojabhoy - Principal (JNS)

Ex-Officio: Ms. Jigna Shah


JNPTA Executive Committee 2017-18

Nursery Ms. Ruma Mehrishi Grade 1 Ms. Karika Kapur
Nursery Mr. Dhiren Mehta
Jr. Kg. Ms. Namrata Mehta Grade 2 Ms. Pooja Bhasin
Jr. Kg. Ms. Pooja Parekh
Sr. Kg. Ms. Niyati Sheth Grade 3 Mr. Siddharth Desai
Sr. Kg. Ms. Mansee Mehta
Std. I Dr. Sujit Bopardikar Grade 4 Ms. Dipanjali Motwani
Std. I Dr. Aarti Gaba
Std. II Mr. Premal Shah Grade 5 Ms. Ruchika Gera
Std. II Ms. Shachi Lodha
Std. III Ms. Prerna Chaudhry Grade 6 Ms. Anjali Chhatwal
Std. III Ms. Wafa Sayed
Std. IV Mr. Manan Doshi Grade 7 Ms. Sapna Kusumgar
Std. IV Ms. Roopali Dubey
Std. V Mr. Manish Chaudhari Grade 8 Ms. Anuradha Jasani
Std. V Ms. Nehal Shah
Std. VI Ms. Rani Wankawalla Grade 9 Ms. Misha Malhotra
Std. VI Ms. Shikha Kandoi
Std. VII Ms. Tarmeenkaur Anand Grade 11 Ms. Swati Rathi
Std. VIII Ms. Upagna Shah Grade 11 Dr. Mitula Raveshia
Std. VIII Ms. Saba Haque Grade 12 Ms. Deepa Thakore
Std. VII Ms. Disha Khanna Grade 12 Ms. Monita Jhaveri
Std. IX Mr. Ashoo Sethi Grade 8 (IGCSE) Dr. Arlene Ghosh
Std. IX Capt. Trisha Mohan
Std. X Ms. Vidhi Gupta Grade 9 (IGCSE) Ms. Prachi Shah
Std. X Dr. Alpa Dedhia
Std. XI Ms. Mona Shukla Grade 10 (IGCSE) Ms. Megha Tata
Std. XI Ms. Radhika Shah
Std. XII Ms. Cynthia Malvi
Std. XII Ms. Sonal Unadkat